Why Buy Penny Stocks?

I was just checking out some various video sites when I came across this interesting and encouraging video:

Keep in mind all that I’ve written about penny stock fraud. This is a risky niche, but it can also be a lucrative one. Learn a little bit about the common types of fraud so you know how to spot it and avoid it. Don’t go into this in a wide-eyed, naive manner. But you can learn this trade and make some money with some patience, persistence and due diligence. Motivation and courage go along way in this game too.

If you’re not ready to invest real dollars, start by practicing. This is a great way to learn and get you interested in watching the market without the risk of losing money while you’re learning the ropes. Do some practice investments by picking a few stocks then track the stocks to see how well you do. Track a practice account to see how much you make or lose over a set period of time.

I hope you’re not too intimidated by penny stock trading and I hope you won’t simply blow it off as pipe dream, but if you take them on, take it on seriously with a somber sense of responsibility.

Good luck, work hard and be wise!

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