Where to Buy Penny Stocks Updates, Twitter and More

Well, maybe not much more… This is just an update to let my readers and visitors know that I have begun anew to grow my Penny Stock Trading site.

As part of its new development, I’ve started a Twitter account. You can follow me here: http://twitter.com/PennyStockChuck

For the two or three who get it and are wondering… yes, that is a pop culture reference.

And in the mean time, I’ve updated one post: Where to Buy Penny Stocks

This site will be more about longer, more detailed articles. So don’t expect to be one of those bloggers that posts twice a day or something. I’m really more about composing detailed essays. I’ll occasionally post a short one like this to let people know when I’ve revised older articles (which may happen often because of the nature of this industry.

Anyways… thanks to everyone reading and I really hope you learn something significant while browsing my Stock Trading Site.

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