3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Penny Stock Broker

Choosing the right penny stock broker can help make or break your successes and your profits. You want to watch out for certain red flags that are a sign of a questionable broker all while considering some of the basics like required minimum account balance. In this equation there are three specific things you should research before you commit to a broker. Understanding these three things and why they are important will help you increase your profits in this fast-paced niche of stock trading. Continue reading

Penny Stock Scalping

There is a spread on all stocks which is the difference between what people are selling stocks for and what people are buying stocks for. When stocks are low value and thinly traded this spread can be somewhat large as a percentage of the value of the stock. Scalpers attempt to buy towards what people are asking to buy for and sell towards what people are asking to sell for. Often this requires a little patience or a good understanding of the direction of the stock by the orders that are executed at the moment. Continue reading

Channeling Stocks – A Brief Overview

There are a lot of different stock trading strategies meant to help you find greater success; one of them is stock channeling. Channeling can be a valuable tool that will help you make the most of market trends by helping you set specific points where you will both buy and sell shares. It can also help you set a stop-loss to help prevent you from losing too much on a certain stock.

Not all stocks or equity use this technique. To use this you need to look for stocks that have a channel in their chart. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can go through charts to find this channel pattern, you can use software that finds the patterns or you can subscribe to a service that will give you a list of stocks on which you can use this technique.

Finding channeling stocks is the first step, but you also need to know how to read the channel. Continue reading

How Penny Stock Screeners Should Be Used

As you strive to make the most of your penny stock investments you will want to take advantage of some of the tools available to you. One of these tools you should consider is a screener. Stock screeners help you look through a number of stocks to filter out specific ones through set variables. This can be a big time saver as you try to choose stocks that fit into your ideal trading plan.

There are a few different ways you can experiment with this to find the best fit for your trading strategy. You may want to consider a fundamental analysis or a technical analysis. Whichever you choose you can find stock screeners that are free or screeners that come with a fee. Learn more about the benefits of each type in this article. Continue reading

Stock Trading Tutorial Styles

If you want to be successful in the stock market you will need to do some research, not just on specific stocks or business plans, but on the other aspects of trading as well. One great way to do this is with good stock trading tutorials.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to keep your nose in a book for hours and hours to learn though. There are a few different stock trading tutorial styles you can take advantage of to learn about the ins and outs of trading including important aspects like technical analysis, decision making, money management, risk analysis and even how to run a business. Finding the right style, or better yet, combination of styles will help you get the most from the information. This article will provide a good start and give you examples, as well as brief descriptions, of some of the best styles of tutorials. Continue reading

How To Build A Penny Stock Trading Plan

Penny stock trading may sound interesting, but without taking the time to develop a solid plan it can be financially risky, to say the least. Take the time to develop a plan. This plan will help you achieve greater success, it will help you make decisions quickly and it will help keep you grounded.

There are a few basic tools you will want to use as you develop your plan. Because research of this market and of different trading strategies is so important, one of the most important early tools you can use include books. Read books on topics like risk management, technical analysis and the psychology of trading. They will give you a lot of insight into your own preferred style and how it will work with this market.

Once you have some background it is time to start testing and practice trading. These two things will help you really start to get a feel for this type of trading. You should know you’re ready when Continue reading

Stock Market Software

Stock market software may process numerous assorted functions. This article will delineate the 3 primary fields of stock trading software systems and then over time I might offer certain suggestions within each area. The 3 primary areas are as follows: software only utilized to action trades, software utilized to graph the history of stocks, and software systems utilized to prognosticate the future demeanor of stocks.

I do advise performing your research before investing in any individual software system. You will see a ton of competition amongst day trading software developers. And although I can’t advocate one just yet, quality free day trading software is becoming more functional with the expansion of the open-source software development. Continue reading