Choosing A Stock Trading Strategy

If you want to be successful with investing or stock trading it is important to choose a stock trading strategy that fits your goals, your personality, your available time and your investing budget. Choosing the right strategy will help you enjoy this endeavor more and achieve greater success at it.

To help you choose the right stretegy for you there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself. These questions will help you find direction. After answering these questions look over the strategies listed in this post to see which approach fits your answers to these questions and to find the one that feels like the best fit for your investing needs. There is no single best approach; this is a very personal process that needs to be individualized. Continue reading

Day Trading Software

Day trading software can serve several different purposes. This page will describe the three main areas of day trading software then over time I may make specific suggestions in each area. The three main areas are the following: stock trading software simply used to execute trades, software used to chart the history of stocks, and software used to anticipate the future behavior of stocks.

I do suggest doing your research before investing in any particular package. You’ll find a ton of competition among day trading software developers.

Buying penny stocks can be a competitive and volatile practice requiring great research and precision. The idea behind day trading software is to take as much of the busy work out of penny stock trading as possible so you can concentrate on the insights that lead to hot penny stock picks. Continue reading