Penny Stocks Can Be A Drop of Rocket Fuel

Penny stocks are known for their high level of risk and volatile behavior. They are very unpredictable and tricky so many investors warn against them. After all do you want to leave your investment portfolio to chance with something known to be risky and volatile? While they may be risky they also have the potential of providing great reward so you may not want to discount them completely.

Take a look at these three investment scenarios to see what could happen if you balance your risk and reward wisely. Continue reading

Creating The Best Penny Stock Trading Strategy

Deciding that you’re ready to add penny stocks to your investment or trading strategy is not enough. If you want to have any success in this market you need to create a good trading strategy. To do this you need to be honest with yourself about your personality, time and your goals with this type of investment. Here are a few things you should consider as you work on creating the best trading strategy for your lifestyle, budget and goals. Continue reading

Can You Make Money Shorting Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are known to be risky investments. The old adage that the stock market generally grows doesn’t apply in the penny stock universe. Shorting stocks is betting a stock will fall instead of rise in price. What essentially happens is you sell a stock you don’t own for money, but you owe the stock back in the future. You simply wait for the stock price to fall and then you buy the stock and keep the difference. While you don’t want to short stocks that sit stagnant or slowly rise over time you can improve your odds with a few simple tactics. Continue reading

Channeling Stocks – A Brief Overview

There are a lot of different stock trading strategies meant to help you find greater success; one of them is stock channeling. Channeling can be a valuable tool that will help you make the most of market trends by helping you set specific points where you will both buy and sell shares. It can also help you set a stop-loss to help prevent you from losing too much on a certain stock.

Not all stocks or equity use this technique. To use this you need to look for stocks that have a channel in their chart. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can go through charts to find this channel pattern, you can use software that finds the patterns or you can subscribe to a service that will give you a list of stocks on which you can use this technique.

Finding channeling stocks is the first step, but you also need to know how to read the channel. Continue reading

Choosing A Stock Trading Strategy

If you want to be successful with investing or stock trading it is important to choose a stock trading strategy that fits your goals, your personality, your available time and your investing budget. Choosing the right strategy will help you enjoy this endeavor more and achieve greater success at it.

To help you choose the right stretegy for you there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself. These questions will help you find direction. After answering these questions look over the strategies listed in this post to see which approach fits your answers to these questions and to find the one that feels like the best fit for your investing needs. There is no single best approach; this is a very personal process that needs to be individualized. Continue reading