Best Penny Stocks

Here’s a secret for everyone attempting to find the best penny stocks on the Internet: Such a list does not exist!

If you find anyone claiming to provide a list of the best penny stocks for free, they’re full of it. Stop hitting the search engines or message boards trying to find the ultimate list of penny stocks. Real penny stock lists are incredibly valuable and you will not find them for free online.

It takes an immense amount of effort to unearth the hottest stocks before they spark and rise. It also requires resources and time that most people do not have the luxury to spare. Furthermore, it takes the kind of industry knowledge & wisdom which can only be developed & honed with years of experience doing real work in the field. Continue reading

Penny Stocks to Watch

Looking for spicy penny stock choices? Drooling over the most recent penny stocks to follow? it’s time to wake up. The best penny stocks to watch should be determined by you and you alone. Any external resources ought to exclusively offer you supplemental information that you evaluate along with your own technical analysis and due diligence. Breaking down trading and pricing models and exploring stock backgrounds may lead you to your own legitimate and fruitful list of penny stocks to watch.

You will find a few websites, forums and supposed penny stock mailing lists that plug hot penny stock picks as well as penny stocks to watch. But should you trust these sources? Continue reading