Stock Trading Tutorial Styles

There isn’t one type of stock trading tutorial that is ultimately the best. In fact, the best type of stock investing tutorial probably comes from combining multiple styles. Read through the different stock trading tutorial summaries below and think about how you respond to each learning style.

Online Tutorials

The first tutorial type you’ll probably come across is the online version. Most likely the free version is presented first with a paid version a little down the road. These are great for getting your feet wet. Almost all of this information is scattered throughout various websites, but online tutorials tend to pull them together into one convenient place, where it is easier to absorb and digest.

The information is visual usually blended with a few graphs and tidbits of data. These types of stock trading tutorials are good for getting you up to speed quickly with enough knowledge to be dangerous. If not dangerous, confident enough to actually start investing some money into your stock trading strategy.

Lecture Style Tutorials

The lecture style of teaching stock trading is geared more at confidence and tools than information. Often a charismatic teacher will show you the ropes with lots of graphs and examples. The better teachers will show real examples and work through his or her decision making process on real examples. If you have difficulty sitting and reading information this option might be good for you. If you can find a lecture in a university setting it may be less commercial in nature.

Be an Apprentice

Often stock traders aren’t business men. They learn to trade stocks very successfully, but become limited by their own ability to keep up with the work. If you know one of these types at least well enough to get their contact information you can sell them on the idea that you would do some of their grunt work in exchange for insight into their trading operations.

This method is wonderful because you can learn if you really want to become a stock trader before you’ve invested too much of your resources into the project. Also, if you’re with them more than a day you’ll get a chance to see the ups and downs. Odds are your emotions will be wilder than the trader’s emotions and it’s not even your money.

Stock Trading Books

Some of the stock trading books are in fact very detailed stock trading tutorials. I would avoid the books that teach a single method because they are more geared for making money off of their books than their trading. Choose a book that teaches the thorough patterns of stock trading. These books should cover subjects as emotional stability, good decision making, asset allocation, money management, risk analysis, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and running a business.

A great source for these books is the chartered market technicians program (CMT). If you go through the full program and pass the exams the CMT credential proves that you understand technical analysis and other stock trading fundamentals, in the event you choose to advise others.

Combine for Optimal Results

You’re not going to find success without a significant amount of stock market information and stock market experience. These stock market tutorials are better than reading random articles because they provide structure to your learning. They are designed to start you out with the fundamentals and build upon those fundamentals until you have a competitive advantage in the market place.

Each of us responds uniquely to different learning stimulus. I prefer to learn from a mentor followed up with book knowledge. You’ll find as you combine different stock market tutorials you will be less likely to blindly follow one plan, but create a unique version for yourself that is uniquely tailored to your trading style and interests.