Creating The Best Penny Stock Trading Strategy

Deciding that you’re ready to add penny stocks to your investment or trading strategy is not enough. If you want to have any success in this market you need to create a good trading strategy. To do this you need to be honest with yourself about your personality, time and your goals with this type of investment. Here are a few things you should consider as you work on creating the best trading strategy for your lifestyle, budget and goals. […]

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Penny Stock Scalping

There is a spread on all stocks which is the difference between what people are selling stocks for and what people are buying stocks for. When stocks are low value and thinly traded this spread can be somewhat large as a percentage of the value of the stock. Scalpers attempt to buy towards what people are asking to buy for and sell towards what people are asking to sell for. Often this requires a little patience or a good understanding of the direction of the stock by the orders that are executed at the moment. […]

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Can You Make Money Shorting Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are known to be risky investments. The old adage that the stock market generally grows doesn’t apply in the penny stock universe. Shorting stocks is betting a stock will fall instead of rise in price. What essentially happens is you sell a stock you don’t own for money, but you owe the stock back in the future. You simply wait for the stock price to fall and then you buy the stock and keep the difference. While you don’t want to short stocks that sit stagnant or slowly rise over time you can improve your odds with a few simple tactics. […]

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Penny Stock Brokers – Good or Evil?

Penny stocks are the home of brilliant traders and gamblers, honest entrepreneurs and scammers, honest value driven penny stock brokers and broker pond scum. The dichotomy of risk and reward are the greatest in the penny stock investments. The siren call of huge returns brings many investors who are looking for fast riches.

Just because this niche draws some less than reputable types doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in it though as there are great reasons for trading and investing in micro caps. If you’re looking to get into penny stocks you just need to learn how to pick your penny stock broker wisely.

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