Will Higher Interest Rates Impact Stocks?

Interest rates have hit record lows and remained low for several years in an effort to help boost the economy, but increasing interest rates are likely at some point this year. As an investor you may wonder how this will affect stock prices and what types of stocks might look more promising in this scenario. Here are some things you should consider. Continue reading

Buying Penny Stocks – General Motors Edition?

It seems both counter intuitive and just plain odd to discuss one of the nations oldest and largest corporations on a site about buying penny stocks, but I guess it is just that kind of economic era.

The Detroit Free Press has this to say about the value of GM’s stock: Continue reading

Fool Seeks The Next Million-Dollar Penny Stock

It seems even skeptics are starting to peer a little more closely at the potential of penny stocks in the current economic climate.

Before we go further I always like to urge caution; buying penny stocks is almost always a volatile practice and it is made even more so with the overall volatility of the current market.

Be sure you’re using polished, professional day trading software and thoroughly exercising your due diligence. Continue reading